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In the plane of Ettijiri, on the planet Villana-Veen, the continent Nagoth-Floren Lies undisturbed. Nagoth-floren is a nation united. It is one land, undivided by country lines or segregation. Elves, men, dwarves, and many beasts live together without judgment or prejudice. But that doesn’t mean that there is no evil, or that evil doesn’t stir unforgivingly in the background. Nagoth-Floren is a Massive land, sprawling with color and fortune. It is Built on a land of ancient wonder, and the ancient civilizations that fathered the creation of the continent still stand (though empty, and off limits to adventurers and common folk on punishment of death).

Nagoth-Floren has no king. Nagoth-Floren is ruled by the four great cities, or rather the four great magic colleges that center them. (Summerholme, of the mountain dwarves. Autumndale, of the men and green hills. Springveil, of the elves and overgrown forests. Winterhaven, of the beastmen.)

Follow the tales of the marooned dwarven battlemage Throgmere Bourbanhammer, and his elven companion Velron Tyr as they explore a land that is completely foreign to them, to gather the knowledge provided to rebuild their plane travelling vessel and return home.
Though they may be stranded here forever.


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